Sydney's best known Greek restaurant, first opening its doors over 30 years ago, in November 1983.
STEKI means a 'hangout' a 'meeting place' a 'place where someone frequents'.  Over the years it has come to be known for its welcoming, warm and casual atmosphere, Its delicious traditional Greek food and of course for its LIVE music.  Small and large groups are welcome to dance and enjoy the atmosphere to the early hours of the morning.

Steki Taverna is one of these rare restaurants where one can truly experience the magic Of Greece.  Secluded in a small lane off busy King Street Newtown, it reminds you and takes you back to a little taverna in the heart of Athens. It is warm and cosy with a great atmosphere suitable for small and large groups.  Over the years it has evolved to one of the most popular and well regarded
Greek restaurants in Sydney - SMH, 2004
Steki Taverna is a Newtown institution serving traditional Greek food in a lively atmosphere.. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights they have dancing and music supplied by a guitar, keyboard and bouzouki. Getaway , channel 9